Colossalcon 2017 preview


As is my custom, I will give you a sneak peek at what I’ll be doing at Colossalcon this weekend. This will be my longest con ever; 4 days plus a fifth on location. Never before have I stayed at a con for 4 nights. This also means the Stanley Cup Final will go up against my relax time at the con for two out of the four nights, so I’ll be watching the Penguins on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Wasn’t life easier when the Penguins were mediocre and I could relax and do whatever I wanted at Colossalcon? Oh well, it’s a nice problem to have, isn’t it? You non-sports people will never get it. Anyway, here goes nothing.


5:00 pm – Otaku Art & Craft Fair – This isn’t the main event; that would be the Flea Market on Sunday morning which is one of the best moments of every Colossalcon. This is more like Artists’ Alley for artists who aren’t in the alley. I’m not sure if I’ve checked this out before, but I certainly will this time.

5:00 pm: Speed Runners Unite! – I’ve always wanted to be a speed runner. Sadly, when I play Super Mario Bros., I still slow down to get each power-up. This panel intrigues me.

7:00 pm – Shakespeare in Anime – Not sure how interested I am in this, but it’s something to put on the light Thursday schedule.

10:00 pm – Unpopular Anime/Manga Appreciation – I just want to go here so I can spread the gospel of Shangri-La.


12:00 pm – Anime ‘n Chill: Sit Back and Relax – I honestly don’t know what to expect from this panel, but it sounds non-offensive and like something I’d enjoy.

2:00 pm – 100,00 [sic] Anime Pyramid – I love game shows, you should know that. I always go to any “Anime Pyramid” panel because you never know what anyone’s going to say. It may not be as funny as the “Kentucky Jelly” Anime Match Game of Ohayocon a long time ago, but it still should be a riot.

4:00 pm – Nintendo History 101 – Who doesn’t love Nintendo? Apparently, a lot of people. But I’m a Nintendo fanboy through and through, even if the Switch has only exactly two games for it so far. I look forward to hearing what this panelist has to say about Nintendo.

5:00 pm – The Re:Zero Panel

6:00 pm – Iron Cosplay! – Frank from Setsucon may not be hosting this, but these types of panels usually turn out to be a lot of fun.

8:00 pm – Budget Cosplay Method – Goodness knows how much I like to thrift cosplay and spend the least possible bucks on my costumes. This is for me.

9:00 pm – Waluigi Time – We tried to go to this panel last year, and it ended too early for us to get to. This year hopefully we will be on time.

11:00 pm – Sports and Subtext – I’m not much of a sports anime person, but I’m interested in this panel idea.


10:00 am – Pokemon Jeopardy – You know I’m just a sucker for game shows, and this one is on a topic I like too, so it’s a perfect match.

11:00 am – See You Space Cowboy – A Bebop Retrospective – If the game show ends early, then I’ll hop over here to see something on Cowboy Bebop.

12:00 pm – 20 Minute Cosplay Creation Challenge – This sounds like the exact same thing as Iron Cosplay, but it might be worth it.

1:00 pm – Re:Zero Photoshoot

3:00 pm – Hetalia Ask a Nation – Sadly these seem to be the only types of Hetalia panels that get accepted anymore. No history panels, no game shows, only the Ask a Nation stuff. Don’t get me wrong, if done right, it’s fun; but I’d rather see a variety of panels and not the same thing over and over.

4:00 pm – A Mystic Adventure: A Cardcaptor Sakura Panel

6:00 pm – The Wide World of Sports Anime – Again, I’m not a huge sports anime guy, but I think it sounds intriguing enough panel.

8:00 pm – Game 3: Stanley Cup Final – Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators


10:00 am – Faith and the Gospel According to John w/ Vic Mignogna – I look forward to hearing what Vic has to say. I’ve always been an avid defender of Vic against the baseless criticism against him, so this ought to be interesting.

10:00 am – Otaku Flea Market – The highlight of every Colossalcon since they added it. Random people selling random items at randomly low prices. It’s a treasure trove of obscure anime and video game stuff. You’ve got to save your cash for Sunday!

11:00 am – The Ultimate Pokemon Quiz – Another Pokemon game show-esque panel, which also sounds interesting.

And that’s all that’s on my schedule. Hopefully it’ll be a fun Colossalcon, after some of the disappointment of last year, and even more hopefully the Penguins will be up 3-0 by Sunday morning! See you at Colossalcon, or wait for my review of it next week!

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