Spiral 9-10: The bomb in the body

Spiral episodes 9-10 review

Spiral 10

Spiral hit an apex of excitement in these two episodes. The first episode is set up. Ayumu arrives at Rio’s hospital room ready to play a game with her and the other one of the Blade Children. The game? Well, if you’ll recall, Ayumu’s girlfriend Hiyono was taken captive by the Blade Children. Ayumu and the Blade Children make an agreement for them to release Hiyono while Ayumu releases the audiotape that Hiyono recorded where Rio confessed to a murder. The catch? In order for Ayumu to prove that he’s not lying, he actually has a bomb placed around his neck, and Hiyono is given the key. If Ayumu doesn’t get that key by 2:30 pm, boom!

This allows me to transition into my talk about Grey’s Anatomy. What in the world does Grey’s Anatomy have to do with this? Well, I’ve only seen one episode of Grey’s Anatomy ever, and I’ve seen it multiple times. In the episode, there is a bomb actually inside the patient’s body, and the titular character has to somehow maneuver so she doesn’t blow up the hospital. It’s a hilarious episode because of its sappiness, and it’s even funnier because I’ve seen it multiple times. This bomb business made me think of that episode.

The tenth episode of Spiral is the best yet. Ayumu first tricks one of the Blade Children (Kousuke) into believing that he has hidden the audiotape in his mailbox. When Kousuke goes and picks the lock of the mailbox, he ends up with 10 dummy audiotapes. Then Ayumu takes off with the actual audiotape, while Kousuke looks on.

But Ayumu’s still got that bomb around his neck! So he goes over to Rio, who is waiting for him. She has the button that can turn off the bomb, which is rather convenient for Ayumu’s sake. But Ayumu has placed a can of kerosene nearby so that if he blows up, so does she. Rio has thought one step further, and replaced the kerosene with water. But Ayumu has thought one step further than her, and he has changed the time on his watch in order to trick Rio into thinking that the bomb didn’t work. But Rio has thought one step further than him, and she figures it out in time and tosses the button into the river!

Are you getting it yet? This is Death Note on steroids. Only that our hero is a likable guy who you want to win, not a murderer who you want to lose. Ayumu finally wins when Hiyono comes on a train and tosses the key to the bomb out the window of the train car, which Ayumu catches, and then turns off the bomb. But to fully understand all this, you have to watch it. It is suspense at its best.

If Spiral keeps up with these “games” which involve Ayumu’s life at risk while he masterminds his way into surviving, it’s going to be a fantastic thrill ride. Unfortunately, since I’ve watched a few episodes ahead, it slows down a bit in the next two episodes. But for now, I’m really enjoying this show, which has that Death Note feel.

Episode 9 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

Episode 10 rating (out of four stars): ****

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