E21 11-13: Play action

Eyeshield 21 episodes 11-13 review

E21 12

We’re doing things a little differently this week; we are suspending Utena reviews and instead going with a review of 3 episodes of Eyeshield 21. However, since I can’t remember which episode was which, this is sort of a combined review of all three episodes.

Basically, Deimon gets another game on their schedule, even though they were eliminated. They play a team who all have tongues like chameleons and who pull dirty tricks on their opponents. But Deimon has their own tricks up their sleeves! In what is the best actual football action yet, Deimon pulls off play action passes as well as screen passes in order to make big gains. This actually is a fantastic way of explaining football to the new fan.

Eventually, Deimon wins the game, and Hiruma celebrates by kicking everyone in the butt. Monta is a new catching star, and Sena has lit it up with his play. Now, can the team come together to win some more games? Can’t wait to find out!

Episode 11 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 12 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 13 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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