AoT 30: Christa clear

Attack on Titan episode 30 review

AoT 30

Flashback time, and the Scout Regiment is spending time in Hoth.

  • “The temperature’s dropping too quickly!” Reiner says.
  • “That’s right, and my friend’s out in it,” Eren replies.
  • “Your Tauntaun will freeze before you reach the first marker,” Marco says.
  • “Then I’ll see you (with Speedwagon) in hell!” Eren yells.
  • “Eren!” Mikasa screams, just because… Mikasa.

So Christa is dragging around a guy’s body who’s probably not gonna make it. She’s doing it so she can die a hero. Ymir criticizes her for the whole situation, seemingly able to read her mind like a psychic. But it’s not Christa who’s at fault here. It’s Ymir, for refusing to show her Titan form until Christa is just about to kill herself. Ymir turns into a Titan, saves Christa and maybe the other guy too but no one really cared one way or the other, and that’s that.

So now fast-forward to the tower, which Ymir jumped off in Titan form. Christa starts screaming frantically at Ymir, because we haven’t had any yuri yet in Attack on Titan, and since Attack on Titan is the millennials’ choice of anime, we’ve got to squeeze some yuri in somehow. Eventually, Mikasa and a bunch of others show up to SAVE our heroes, and Ymir is brought back, long enough for Christa to tell her that her true name is “Historia.” Why that matters is beyond me, but the more pressing issue is whether Ymir will live long enough to marry Christa, or, should I say, Historia.

This episode brought back some of the Attack on Titan problems from season 1. At the same time, it was still compelling stuff. So I’ll be easy on it for now, but I’m very wary of the series devolving back into its season 1 mediocrity.

Character of the episode: Christa

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2

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