Utena 7-8: Elephants and curry

Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes 7-8 review


Episode 7 was rather forgettable; Utena goes up against a girl named Jury who refuses to believe in miracles. They have a duel – something that seems to be a theme of this series – and Utena wins in miraculous fashion. How about them apples?

But episode 8 is totally different, and hilarious too. Nanami gives Utena and Anthy a 9-billion-fold spicy curry. It causes an explosion, and the two switch personalities. So now Utena is the passive Anthy, and Anthy is the tomboy Utena. (“Ginyu is Goku and Goku is Ginyu?!”)

This can’t be allowed, so it’s up to Nanami (the girl in the picture above) to go to India to get the 9-billion-fold spicy curry in order to change them back. So we start following around Nanami and three other girls as they run from elephants in India. No joke, there’s a scene where they’re climbing up a ledge and an elephant goes flying down the cliff at them, knocking them off the cliff. Another scene features an elephant coming at them while they’re on a rope bridge. These are about as over-the-top crazy as you can get, and also really funny to watch.

Eventually, Nanami brings back the curry, but then she spills it, so Anthy and Utena are stuck in each other’s bodies. Or they would be, if it was actually the curry. Actually, it was just Anthy’s cooking that caused the explosion. So Anthy and Utena get back to normal, but Chu Chu the mouse gets switched with Saionji the tough guy, so now Chu Chu is practicing kendo while Saionji is climbing trees.

That second episode was really funny, and I’m starting to wonder if Utena is more of a comedy series than a serious one. Maybe it’s just comedic early on, I’m not sure. For now, even as the series doesn’t actually progress, at least I’m enjoying it.

Episode 7 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 8 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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