Spiral 7-8: Sugar water

Spiral episodes 7-8 review

Spiral 7

Episode 7 was something else. The girl who is one of the Blade Children has Ayumu play a game. There are two cups of water – one is sugar water, and the other has poison. Ayumu must drink one, while his opponent drinks the other one. One of them dies, one of them lives.

Only that Ayumu figures out that she must be bluffing. He proposes that both must have sugar in them, because he figures that she wouldn’t risk her life on it. So he goes ahead and drinks one of them, and he finds instantly that it has a bitter taste. He has drunk the poisoned water!

Except that he hasn’t. His friend Hiyono goes ahead and drinks the rest of his glass, finding that it was only water mixed with cold medicine. But Ayumu gave into his opponent’s bluff, and because of that, he feels as if he is inferior to his brother. While he’s suffering from a big brother complex, Hiyono goes ahead and tape-records the Blade Children admitting to murdering that guy from a few episodes ago.

Then Hiyono is taken hostage by the Blade Children, while Ayumu escapes with the tape recorder. But episode 8 is so boring, because Ayumu pretty much becomes Shinji Ikari for an episode and pouts because he’s not as good as his missing brother. It was a real waste of an episode, and very disappointing coming off so many strong episodes. Hopefully this was just a one-episode thing.

Episode 7 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

Episode 8 rating (out of four stars): *1/2

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