TG 7: Catch the rabbit

Tokyo Ghoul episode 7 review

TG 7.png

Touka finally gets some screen time as she recovers from her illness, then fights off Ryoko’s killers while wearing a bunny mask. Not sure why the bunny mask was necessary, but it makes her a super-cute killer. She kills off a couple of the guys who have teamed up with a ghoul to go after ghouls. So now it’s this old man ghoul against the “good” ghouls. All this, and Kaneki is pretty much just serving coffee.

The series is way too confusing at this point. It’s trying to introduce too many characters too quickly. If it can just focus on developing the characters we know, that would be ideal. I want to get to know Touka more, but instead so much of this episode was convoluted talk. The episode itself was pretty good, but just a little too confusing.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2

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