E21 7-8: 68-12

Eyeshield 21 episodes 7-8 review

E21 7

Never mind all the digits in the title above. These episodes were great! How do you make a 68-12 game interesting? You use a combination of humor and just a tad of drama to keep the viewer into it. First there’s Sena quitting on his team at halftime down 35-6, and going into a bathroom stall to write a note that he quit. Then, when he gives the message to his teammates, they say how much Eyeshield 21 had inspired them. With Mamori still completely clueless on who Eyeshield 21 is, Sena goes back to his Eyeshield 21 persona and comes out for the second half.

But as the score gets more and more lopsided, and as Shin the Ojo White Knights linebacker tackles Eyeshield 21 on every play, even Hiruma decides to quit. Laughably, he quits with a certain amount of time left in the fourth quarter, saying that the team had a billionth of a chance up until that second. But Sena/Eyeshield 21 talks him into sticking it out, because he wants a chance to beat Shin. So they do, and eventually Eyeshield 21 scores the touchdown to pull his team within 56 points. Did they choose to onside kick?

The actual football isn’t very well-animated or even believable. You can tell this isn’t for a diehard football audience. But the other stuff that occurs “outside the lines” is so funny and also heartwarming that it makes up for the poor product on the field. And plus Sena and pals are going to get a second chance at the Christmas Bowl if they can just win the fall tournament. Here’s hoping they go all the way… or at least entertain us while trying.

Episode 7 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

Episode 8 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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