10 years of being an otaku

Mistakes of the Past

On this very night, 10 years ago, I watched InuYasha for the first time. I watched the episode “Miroku’s Past Mistake” – Episode #161 – -as well as the one following it, “Forever with Lord Sesshomaru.” The relationship between Miroku and Sango was all I needed. It completely hooked me from the very first scene.

You know that scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, where you see monkeys playing around, and then suddenly it cuts to the future? Similarly, we start out with my watching those two episodes 10 years ago tonight, and then we fast-forward to today. How much has my life changed? Well, I’ve met dozens, if not hundreds, of people through anime conventions. Many of those people have become good friends. I’ve been able to cultivate relationships with so many people – although they deserve more credit than me.

What would my life look like without anime? I’d be a one-dimensional human being. I’d have sports… and that’s pretty much about it. Instead, I have so many facets to my life thanks to anime. I have two blogs, dozens of fanfics, and thousands of hours of watching. There’s just so much that I would have missed had I not become an anime fan.

And it all goes back to those two episodes of InuYasha. Miroku and Sango, you touched my life deeply. Without your love, perhaps I wouldn’t have the same sort of love in my heart for all the friends I’ve met. Thank you, InuYasha. Thank you, anime. And thank all of you, who have come into my life as a result.

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