LS 5: Bonta-kun

Lucky Star episodes 5-6 review

Lucky Star 5

Lucky Star is very hit-or-miss. Either you’re going to find yourself laughing, or you’ll just sit there in stunned silence as the scene changes. Unfortunately, I’ve found myself in more of the second option than the first.

What I’m most disappointed about is the lack of character development. Aside from the main character Konata Izumi, who has a policewoman friend as seen above who wore a Bonta-kun mask, there’s very little character growth for the other three girls. Maybe a little bit by Miyuki, who is the “moe moe kyun” character of Lucky Star. But Tsukasa and Kagami seem to just be there for Konata to bounce her jokes off of.

So far Lucky Star needs a little more character focus and a little less humor. Trying to force so many jokes at the viewer can sometimes lead to fatigue; I’d rather see fewer jokes, but funnier ones that take longer to build up to, like Miyuki’s rant on how ultraviolet rays can hurt your hair. That was a good sequence, and that’s what Lucky Star needs more of. Hopefully there’s more of those scenes to come.

Episode 5 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 6 rating (out of four stars): **

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