Utena 5-6: Runaway kangaroo!

Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes 5-6 review

Utena 6

I’m worried about Utena. Because I was under the impression that it was this super-serious Evangelion show, and here I’m laughing my butt off from it. Is it supposed to be this funny? Is the dub just so campy that it makes me laugh (remember, this is a 90s anime, when dubs were subpar)? Is something super-serious coming up that will turn the series on its head? I don’t know, but episode 6 was an all-time hilarious moment.

Let’s first deal with episode 5. Mickey wants Anthy to play the piano, but Anthy says she can only do what the Rose Bride says, and that’s Utena. But I don’t recall Utena ever saying Anthy can’t play the piano! Either way, Mickey and Utena duel, and Utena wins (as always). So now Mickey (or Miki, depending on how it’s supposed to be spelled) lets Utena have Anthy.

If that was weird, then episode 6 is even weirder. Nanami, the blonde crazy girl from episode 4, ends up falling in love with a boy who keeps on saving her from crazy situations. Her version of “going out with him” involves forcing him to do all sorts of menial tasks. When both of them get called out on the carpet, the boy for contriving the situations and Nanami for not treating him right, suddenly a runaway kangaroo appears and all heck breaks loose. That’s right, a runaway kangaroo. I wasn’t aware this series was based in Australia. Nanami’s brother saves Nanami from the kangaroo, and all is well.

The fifth episode was blah, but the sixth episode had some hilarious moments like Utena’s “Nice skirt, Saionji” line which seemed to be a throwaway line but was actually really funny. And the kangaroo? That was just off-the-charts funny. However, Utena is not anywhere near becoming that iconic anime that I thought it was supposed to be, and that worries me.

Episode 5 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 6 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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