TG 6: Smithfield Street Bridge

Tokyo Ghoul episode 6 review

TG 6.png

Everyone in Pittsburgh is lined up on the Smithfield Street Bridge, ready to jump. But outside the world of hockey, the world of Tokyo Ghoul might give Kaneki reason to jump too. In an utterly boring episode, Touka finishes off Tsukiyama, before tiring out, and leaving Kaneki alone to tend to the coffee.

Then Kaneki runs into a little girl, who he teaches how to read, before she and her mother Ryoko end up in a bad situation. This girl has an annoying voice, either intentionally or unintentionally (I’m guessing the former). In any case, she escapes before Ryoko takes the plunge. And Tokyo Ghoul is back to where it started, with no coherent plot to go on.

This episode was boring and dull, not to mention annoying with that little girl’s ear-piercing screams every couple of seconds. Tokyo Ghoul is running out of time to impress me. Soon it’s just going to go off the air without a bang, just like Dimension W, another failure. My hope is that it at least has something to get me at least a little bit hooked before it passes from the air.

Episode rating (out of four stars): *1/2

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