Spiral 5-6: Dry ice

Spiral episodes 5-6 review

Spiral 6

On Scooby-Doo, there was once a mystery that all came down to dry ice. Here in the fifth episode of Spiral, we again have one that comes down to dry ice.

Ayumu meets a man who tells him he will meet with him to get some info about the Blade Children. But before Ayumu can have that meeting, the man gets murdered. Ayumu figures out that he was enclosed in a room with a whole bunch of dry ice. Not only will carbon dioxide kill you, but it’ll also raise carbon emissions, and then your carbon footprint will destroy the world. Which is why the best way to stop carbon emissions is obvious: stop breathing. If everyone in the world stops breathing for 15 minutes, we’ll have solved both the carbon emissions crisis as well as the overpopulation crisis in one fell swoop. And it won’t take dry ice to do it!

In the sixth episode, which is more entertaining, and thus does not require me making jokes to get through the review, one of the Blade Children named Rio tracks down Ayumu and his assistant Hiyono. Caitlin Glass does an incredible job as Hiyono. Her voice acting here is impeccable. Ayumu figures out that someone – Rio being that someone – is going to try to kill Hiyono with a bomb. How he figures that out, I’m not sure, but Ayumu is practically L at this point. When Rio shows up with a ticking kitty in the room that Ayumu and Hiyono are hanging out, it goes off, but neither Ayumu nor Hiyono is harmed. Why?

The reason is simple yet complex. All the Blade Children are missing one rib. By blowing up the bomb on herself, Rio ends up taking out a couple ribs. Of course, Ayumu is L and Near put together, so he figures this out. So Ayumu’s on top of everything, yet at the same time he seems like he’s behind by one step on everything. He can’t prevent deaths, but he can sure figure out who’s causing them. That makes Spiral a series to keep on watching – climate change or no climate change.

Episode 5 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 6 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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