HxH 50: The osmosis of escaping

Hunter x Hunter episode 50 review

HxH 50

It’s a milestone episode for Hunter x Hunter, but don’t let that fool you into believing it’s anything special. Here, it’s typical shounen fare. Gon and Killua are captured by the Phantom Troupe, and Gon is forced into 1000 arm wrestling matches with Nobunaga, who beats him every single time until the last one, when Gon finally discovers “the power of love” (which is what I call it when a character discovers super strength after being hopeless in a battle). There’s more of that from where it came.

The Phantom Troupe decides to move out. There are 12 members of the Troupe, counting Hisoka, who took the place of another member. The Fuhrer (leader) of the Troupe is not here, and Uvogin has been killed. That makes 10. Nobunaga decides to stay back and watch Gon and Killua. So we’re down to 9. They then decide to all pair up and go out, and Machi finds herself without a partner. She’s forced to choose Hisoka. But wait a minute! I thought Hisoka was part of the Troupe, at least temporarily, which would make him part of the 9. Where did the other person come from? I’m so confused.

In any case, Nobunaga locks up Gon and Killua in a room and guards the exit. The two of them get desperate trying to escape, even after Nobunaga tells them that they’re likely to be let off the hook. Killua starts talking to himself, and Gon starts fighting with Killua. It looks like they’re about to self-destruct, when Gon thinks about the things that Zepile taught him. “Osmosis,” right? Actually, it says it was “ostomy.” But what do I call it? “The power of love.”

That’s right, after looking hopeless, Gon and Killua decide that they’re just going to kick through the walls. Tell me where they gained this super strength after sitting there not knowing a way out. They just suddenly remembered a term Zepile taught them, and by remembering that, they gained the power to kick through walls? Give me a break. This may in fact be the stupidest thing Hunter x Hunter has done so far. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint, there are so many stupid things coming up in Hunter x Hunter, that you’ll never even remember this one as one of the top 10.

Our new larger-than-life heroes become utterly unstoppable as they escape the hideout. They’re not just kicking through that first wall, they’re kicking through every wall, even decoy walls, and they’re concealing their presence while sending out false versions of themselves to fool Nobunaga. All this, and Nobunaga goes from having all the power to completely helpless in a matter of seconds. And it’s all because Gon and Killua remembered the word “ostomy.” You can call it whatever you like, but I’d prefer the word “crap.”

If this is any sampling, I’m going to have a whole lot to complain about in Hunter x Hunter over the next 60+ episodes. But stupidity has a way of wearing me down, so maybe by that point, I won’t have anything left in the tank. In any case, the absence of Kurapika and Leorio seems to have a negative effect on everything else, which is a running theme of Hunter x Hunter.

Character of the episode: Nobunaga

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

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