TG 5: Now you have to pay me, because you had a bite

Tokyo Ghoul episode 5 review

TG 5

(Note: Today’s Eyeshield 21 review has been moved to Tuesday along with Spiral.)

This episode takes a while to get going, but eventually Kaneki and Touka get drawn to a place where Tsukiyama is trying to get Kaneki to eat a human, so then he can eat Kaneki. Kaneki and Touka try fighting the guy, as does the human’s boyfriend (who is a ghoul), but all fail. A boring flashback also takes place, about a couple characters who seem to have no importance, but who knows if they’ll become more important.

Then Tsukiyama stupidly tells Kaneki the secret of his strength: eating. So Kaneki and Touka talk it out, and they decide to give the hidden immunity idol to Touka, which is in this case allowing Touka eating Kaneki to gain strength to fight Tsukiyama. And that’s where our episode ends.

Despite the super-boring flashback, this was probably the best episode of Tokyo Ghoul so far. However, that’s not saying much. At least it kept me from dropping the series.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2

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