AoT 27: Sweet potatoes

Attack on Titan episode 27 review

Potato Girl

Potato Girl! No one told me that the second season of Attack on Titan was going to be all about her! All we need is Armin falling in love with Annie and my second season dreams will be complete!

Sasha goes back to her home village, and we get a flashback with her and her father. She then goes up and rescues a young girl from the clutches of a Titan. We get another flashback of Sasha getting teased by Ymir, whose name I still have no idea how to pronounce and I only know that’s her name because I had closed captioning on. Then Sasha takes on a Titan one-on-one in one of the best action scenes ever offered by this series. First she hits a bullseye with one arrow in taking out one of the Titan’s eyes, then she ends up leaping at the Titan to finish the job. But these Titans, they don’t go down easily. It looks hopeless, but Sasha’s father and pals show up to rescue her.

Of course, what is exactly the definition of safety anymore? There are Titans inside the walls – in fact, the walls are made of Titans. So we’ve got to figure that no one is safe, not even those inside the final wall. It’s a scary thought, because it means that no character is safe. And that’s the danger of what I call the “Game of Thrones” syndrome, also known as “The Walking Dead” syndrome. Every single character can die at any time, which means you don’t get yourself attached to any character. That’s a real problem. If you don’t get hooked to any single character, you don’t feel any emotion if they do eventually die, or when they survive. That’s why these new shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are so overrated beyond belief, and I refuse to give a bit of interest in watching them. Killing any character at any time has its flaws, and hopefully more and more people realize that (but I won’t hold my breath).

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, this was the best Attack on Titan episode… perhaps ever. Potato Girl for the win!

Character of the episode: Potato Girl

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

TG 5: Now you have to pay me, because you had a bite

Tokyo Ghoul episode 5 review

TG 5

(Note: Today’s Eyeshield 21 review has been moved to Tuesday along with Spiral.)

This episode takes a while to get going, but eventually Kaneki and Touka get drawn to a place where Tsukiyama is trying to get Kaneki to eat a human, so then he can eat Kaneki. Kaneki and Touka try fighting the guy, as does the human’s boyfriend (who is a ghoul), but all fail. A boring flashback also takes place, about a couple characters who seem to have no importance, but who knows if they’ll become more important.

Then Tsukiyama stupidly tells Kaneki the secret of his strength: eating. So Kaneki and Touka talk it out, and they decide to give the hidden immunity idol to Touka, which is in this case allowing Touka eating Kaneki to gain strength to fight Tsukiyama. And that’s where our episode ends.

Despite the super-boring flashback, this was probably the best episode of Tokyo Ghoul so far. However, that’s not saying much. At least it kept me from dropping the series.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2