LS 3-4: More Seinfeld than Seinfeld

Lucky Star episodes 3-4 review

Lucky Star 3

It’s not easy to review these episodes of Lucky Star, especially without using our catch phrase around here. In episode 3, Konata and pals talk about a whole bunch of random stuff in random situations with no real plot. Then it happens again in episode 4. And then you’ve got the Lucky Channel part which seems to fall flat to me.

There’s not much to actually review here, other than to say that I found episode 3 to be funny, but episode 4 not so much. When I bought this, those two people riding in the car with me on the way home from the con warned me about this series, saying I may not like it as much as I thought I would. Unfortunately, I never listen to anyone’s advice. So now I’m locked in for another 22 episodes of this. Let’s hope there are more laughs than silent moments.

Episode 3 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 4 rating (out of four stars): *1/2

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