Utena 3-4: Snails, snakes & an octopus

Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes 3-4 review


The humor aspect of these episodes is what won me over. In episode 3, Utena keeps on asking Anthy if she has any friends. Anthy always says that she does  – then points to Chu-Chu the mouse. Anthy is so lovable, I want to take her home and marry her right now. Sadly enough, I don’t think she’s interested in boys. No, she’s more interested in Utena herself, who comes to her rescue when Nanami (the girl in the pic above) plays a trick on her and causes her dress to melt away at a dance. Utena steps in and rescues Anthy, and the two of them enjoy a dance together.

But the real fun comes in episode 4 when Nanami decides to play a trick on Anthy not one, not two, but three times. It is way too funny to describe here, because she says the exact same things every time – once threatening to blow up Anthy’s reputation by use of snails, the second time with a snake, and the third time with an octopus. If that doesn’t tickle your funnybone, Nanami says it in the exact same way all three times how she’s going to ruin Anthy’s reputation with what she calls “Operation Anthy Himemiya is a weirdo who keeps snails in her pencil box” (or snakes in her desk, or an octopus in her closet).

And all three times Nanami tries the trick, something happens that causes Anthy to one-up her. For example, when Nanami tries sneaking a snail into Anthy’s pencil box, it turns out that Anthy actually keeps snails in the pencil box in the first place. Then she tries to sneak a snake into Anthy’s desk, but Anthy kept a mongoose in her desk that eats the snake. Finally, when Nanami tries the octopus, she opens the closet only to get bowled over by a giant octopus balloon.

Who cares that not much happened in episode 4? It was hilarious. There’s tons of time for plot movement down the stretch. In the meantime, I want Nanami to stick around as long as possible.

Episode 3 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 4 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2