TG 4: More vomiting

TG 4

We get treated to a scene of Touka vomiting, just because. The name of the series might as well be “Tokyo Vomit” because that’s all the plot has consisted of up to this point. I have a hard time understanding why this is all that popular.

The second half of the episode involves Taneki essentially being fed to a monster character in a scene ripped straight from Return of the Jedi. In the end, Taneki offers a bit of resistance, just enough for the man who put him there to give him mercy and let him live.

Do you see any reason why this is everyone’s favorite show? Because I don’t. There is absolutely nothing about Tokyo Ghoul through four episodes that makes me think, “oh, this is the next Fullmetal Alchemist.” Is it just that everyone thinks it’s so cool that this series has so much blood and gore? What are we, a bunch of preteens? Just because blood covers the whole screen doesn’t mean there is any substance to this series whatsoever. I’ll be shocked at this point if there’s anything redeemable about this series in the next eight episodes, but I will keep watching just in case it finds time to prove me wrong.

Episode rating (out of four stars): *

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