More announcements! Attack on Titan & Sailor Moon!

Attack on Titan

While there may be a delay this week on Toonami reviews due to my failure to be able to stay awake through them, I do have two announcements to make for the blog! The first is that I will be re-reviewing all of Attack on Titan, in whichever way I see fit. This could mean watching 5 episodes in one day; this could also mean watching one episode every 5 days. I’m not sure yet. But I will be giving my mind a refresh of Attack on Titan, that way I’m ready for the new season, which I will be concurrently reviewing.

The second is that I’m going to start reviewing Sailor Moon “again.” The word “again” is a misnomer; I haven’t reviewed it on this blog, but I did on my previous blog that got taken down. I will start approximately where I stopped on the prior blog, and then continue from there. Those reviews will take place on what I am going to call “Sailor Moon Saturdays.”

Everything else on the blog will proceed as normal. Look forward to seeing even more from this blog!

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