HxH 48: Antiques Roadshow

Hunter x Hunter episode 48 review

HxH 48

I knew this episode was coming. I just didn’t realize it was the very episode after the best episode in Hunter x Hunter history. (Which is why I still hold that last week’s Hunter x Hunter was miles ahead of anything Jojo had to offer.) This episode is actually a harbinger of things to come. No Kurapika? Check. It does have some Leorio, so no check there. A really really stupid thing that happens and gets glossed over? Check. Gon doing something useless and Killua following him for no reason? Check. And boring? Check check check.

This episode literally is nothing more than Gon and Killua finding stuff to buy and sell at the auction. But let’s not forget the stupidest thing yet to occur in Hunter x Hunter history – Gon pawning his Hunter license. First of all, I thought Hunter licenses were worth more than that. But let’s remember that the entire first arc of the series was devoted just to that – Gon getting that Hunter’s license! He just pawns it like it’s nothing to him. Even if he goes back and gets it later – spoiler alert, 65 episodes later, he still hasn’t – what was the point of getting it if it meant so little to him?

So then we have this mess of an episode where all that happens is Gon and Killua buying a few things and then trying to sell them for a profit. Kind of reminds me of my quest to get a NES Classic Edition. I bought mine for $110, then had the opportunity to flip it for more once the news got out that Nintendo’s not making any more. I passed on that chance and kept mine instead. Totally worth it.

In any case, don’t get too attached to Zepile, the character who appears in this episode. And don’t really worry about Gon and Killua making that $8.9 billion Jenny or whatever they needed to buy Greed Island. This episode is a foreshadowing of the stupidity to come in Hunter x Hunter. Enjoy these next few episodes, before we head off to the Greed Island arc and everything goes downhill.

Character of the episode: Leorio

Episode rating (out of four stars): *

More announcements! Attack on Titan & Sailor Moon!

Attack on Titan

While there may be a delay this week on Toonami reviews due to my failure to be able to stay awake through them, I do have two announcements to make for the blog! The first is that I will be re-reviewing all of Attack on Titan, in whichever way I see fit. This could mean watching 5 episodes in one day; this could also mean watching one episode every 5 days. I’m not sure yet. But I will be giving my mind a refresh of Attack on Titan, that way I’m ready for the new season, which I will be concurrently reviewing.

The second is that I’m going to start reviewing Sailor Moon “again.” The word “again” is a misnomer; I haven’t reviewed it on this blog, but I did on my previous blog that got taken down. I will start approximately where I stopped on the prior blog, and then continue from there. Those reviews will take place on what I am going to call “Sailor Moon Saturdays.”

Everything else on the blog will proceed as normal. Look forward to seeing even more from this blog!