LS 1-2: The other K-ON!

Lucky Star episodes 1-2 review

Lucky Star

I have been putting off watching Lucky Star for no fewer than SEVEN YEARS. I bought it back at Colossalcon 2010 and never touched it again, until today. I’ve been warned about this series: my most loyal reader described it as something like Seinfeld, but not in a good way – essentially, if Seinfeld was the “show about nothing” (which it really wasn’t), Lucky Star is the “anime about nothing.” (Seinfeld was actually about how a comedian gets his material. Hence the stand-ups by Jerry at the beginning and end of every episode until Larry David left.)

Lucky Star starts out with a 15-minute discussion about how to eat food. Like Haruhi Suzumiya before it, it cares nothing about trying to hook its viewers. When I show Haruhi Suzumiya to my sister, I’m going to skip Episode 00 because that will turn her off to the show right away. It’s utter nonsense. The same is true here too. This scene did not make me laugh even once, which is a bad sign.

Luckily (pun intended), it gets better after that. Konata’s waste of a life is funny, and “moe moe kyun” Miyuki is kawaii beyond belief. Kagami is pretty funny too, and Tsukasa also has her moments. It’s the characters themselves that boost this anime from being from complete nonsense to something actually enjoyable.

There’s also a segment at the end of every episode called “Lucky Channel.” This segment is so nonsensical and contains 0 characters from the show that I just don’t know what to do with it. What really is the point of it?

Overall, the first two episodes were mediocre. Sure, a couple of chuckles here and there, but nothing laugh-out-loud funny. I’m guessing though that it gets better from here, I hope, but in any case, the Lucky Star experience is something different from anything else I’ve watched this week.

Episode 1 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 2 rating (out of four stars): **