Spiral 1-2: What are the Blade Children?

Spiral episodes 1-2 review


Spiral isn’t what I thought it was. I thought it was some sort of dark fantasy sci-fi thing; as it turns out, it’s actually a detective series. In the first episode, a girl falls off a tall building, and Ayumu (the main character) is blamed for the fall. Luckily for him, the main detective Madoka happens to be his sister-in-law. His brother – who was married to Madoka – disappeared two years ago trying to solve the mystery of the Blade Children.

But that’s the main question of this series: what are the Blade Children? And more importantly, what the heck do they have to do with this detective series? It just seems like a phrase that gets thrown around with no real meaning to it. I don’t get why it (or they) is/are so important.

Both episodes, Madoka tries to solve a mystery, but can’t figure it out until Ayumu steps in and deducts what is going on. And each time, the main suspect isn’t the actual killer. In the second episode, when an old man is blamed for killing a girl inside a locked room, it turns out to be the housekeeper. Please tell me you’ve heard this before.

The episodes are okay. They aren’t bad, but there’s something missing. Maybe it’s Ayumu’s voice actor, who isn’t exactly the greatest. Maybe it’s the cookie-cutter mold of the stories. Or maybe it’s the Blade Children. Like, why are they so important? In the end, these first two episodes are barely above average. I’ll keep watching, in hopes it gets better (and because I bought the whole series, so I have no choice now!)

Episode 1 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 2 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

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