HxH 47: Meet the new boss

Hunter x Hunter episode 47 review

HxH 47

This is what we’ve all been waiting for: a chance for one of our heroes to finally shine. Remember how Kurapika was a weakling who got his Hunter badge stolen off him super-easily? That Kurapika is a thing of the past. Now we’ve got a new, badass Kurapika who can take down any challenger.

Keep in mind that Uvogin took a bazooka shot and survived. He’s super-strong, super-powerful. He’s the next Kenpachi, a man of extraordinary strength. But today was not his day; it was Kurapika’s. And on this day, Uvogin gets completely embarrassed, as Kurapika makes his chains invisible, then only lets Uvogin see them once he’s totally chained up.

Kurapika has made a contract that if he uses his chains on anyone but a spider, he will die. This extraordinarily strict contract makes the chains all the stronger when he actually does use them on the spiders. By the end of the episode, Kurapika has Uvogin begging him to kill him. Kurapika hopes to extract some information out of Uvogin, but Uvogin will have none of it. And thus Uvogin dies, and Kurapika gets to be the undertaker.

This was easily the best battle in the entire series. In fact, it will be the best battle through at least episode 113, because I haven’t seen a better one yet. There is still another moment that is quite possibly better than this, however – but it’s not a battle, it’s more of a super-tense staredown. Look forward to that coming up in the next 10 episodes. Until then, Hunter x Hunter is at its very best here.

Character of the episode: Kurapika

Episode rating (out of four stars): ****

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