Tekko 2017 review


How was my Tekko? Great, thanks for asking! Let’s go through what I did and did not accomplish at Tekko this year.


After getting through registration at an outrageously quick rate (kudos to staff!), we went to a Hetalia panel which was funny yet very educational as well. I appreciated the actual history that came up in this panel.

I dragged my sister to a Kill la Kill panel, but she didn’t like it very much, so we were out of there and on to waste money in the Exhibition Hall. As usual, I planned on not spending much at first, but managed to work my way down to zero in no time flat.

The Hunter x Hunter panel was excellent. I got to find out the grim news that Kurapika will be missing in action for the remainder of the series, and I’m on episode 112. (That Chimera Ant arc – please end soon!).

I then went to Jad Saxton’s autograph session, where I got to mention her role in Shangri-La. After that, it was on to a cosplay panel, which my sister didn’t like too much, but I thought it wasn’t that bad.

Then came Greggo’s game show Blockbusters, which was so much more amazing that I had expected. That’s a great game, I wish I had seen it on TV.

I went to my friend’s Symphogear panel, and now that show is on my “plan to watch” list. Finally, it was time for my own Re:Zero panel, which I give myself an 8 out of 10 on the job I did hosting it. My jokes fell flat – including a joke on Trump which I thought the audience would love – but I had plenty of material, and a super-fun bracket contest amongst the Re:Zero characters. (Rem won.)


My sister took part in the Felt Sushi arts & crafts panel, then I went to Jad Saxton’s Q&A. She answered my question about Karin from Shangri-La and then talked a bunch about Shangri-La and how people need to watch it (I concur).

Then came the most hair-raising moment of the con. Cherami Leigh’s autograph session was at 2 pm, but as of 1:30 they weren’t allowing anyone to line up. So a giant crowd of people formed around the spot where the line would start. At 1:45 they opened it up, and the massive crowd just began pushing and shoving to get in. I somehow managed to get in the line, with only 50 people allowed in. It was complete mayhem, and a total fail on organization.

But Cherami’s my favorite voice actress, and I got to meet her again! I talked to her about – what else – the Packers! It was well worth the stress of the “line.”

Our next thing was Greggo’s Press Your Luck. It was an outstanding game with great contestants, including a fantastic winner. And no, I did not complain about where I was sitting. I don’t know where that rumor came from. In any case, the show was outstanding (as always).

My sister’s husband went to watch a video game tournament (OverWatch) while I chatted with a vendor friend of mine. We then finished our day with the Anime Pyramid game show, and the Lucky Cat Anime Awards, which were a ton of fun.


Greggo’s Pokemon Game Show was a lot of fun, and then a Family Feud show was great as well. I spent most of the day talking with friends again. It was the perfect way to end the con.

What did I buy? A Rem figure, a matching Rem figure, an Eyeshield 21 DVD, Spiral DVDs, and a Utena box set. Those DVDs will form the basis of this blog going forward. I plan on reviewing a lot of anime coming up here.

Awesome Tekko, and I can’t wait for the next con!

Rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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