HxH 46: At last we will have revenge

HxH 46

Uvogin is busy drinking Heineken while his pals look up information on the Hunter website. Kurapika gets notified of his escape, so he returns to the hotel, where he tries to come up with an idea for protecting Neon. Neon’s father says he will be there in one day. As you can probably guess, that’s going to be too late.

At a panel this weekend at Tekko, a fan cosplaying as a Phantom Troupe member claimed that the Phantom Troupe were “morally ambiguous.” I had a hard time seeing the “ambiguity” while Uvogin was smashing an innocent man’s head into a wall while torturing him, then killing him. Let’s also ignore that scene where they killed hundreds of people at the auction, then mopped up their bodies.

Now it’s time for Uvogin and Kurapika to finally fight. As always, the fight has to be in a deserted place. Both characters want revenge, so there’s lots of motivation besides the obvious “lose and you die.” Buckle up, baby. This fight is the “one shining moment” for Hunter x Hunter, meaning the very best part of the entire series. You don’t want to miss it.

Character of the episode: Kurapika

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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