Jojo 24: Yes… and it counts!

Jojo 24

Jojo and Lisa Lisa look like they are connected to a “roundabout” way of dying – first Kars cuts the rope to kill Lisa Lisa, then Jojo joins her in death. But Jojo comes up with a fantastic idea. He sets his scarf on fire to distract Kars, then ties Kars’ foot to the rope. Then he manages to maneuver in such a way that Kars is the one who gets tied down and put in the same bad position. Unfortunately, I am not a battle commentator like Speedwagon or Smokey, so I can’t explain it as well as they could.

Then Jojo manages to save Lisa Lisa and crush Kars (almost wrote “krush”), and it’s up to von Stroheim to land the finishing blow to Kars’ life. But before he can do that, Speedwagon has to lead us into a flashback as to how Lisa Lisa became a mother, how Jojo’s father died, and how Lisa Lisa had to go into hiding. Once we find out all that history, we then see Kars use the red stone of Aja to presumably save himself from von Stroheim’s ultraviolet light.

It may not seem like it from the way I wrote this, but this was a very good episode that I enjoyed quite a bit. Now I’m sorry that this arc is coming to an end, because it has picked up steam here near the close (albeit with a few stupid moments mixed in). Can Jojo go out on top? We’ll find out.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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