Tekko 2017 preview


It’s ten years since that Tekko… that fateful Tekko which I did not go to… that one where I made fun of all the people cosplaying… that con which revealed my inner hypocrisy… that con that eventually made me into a full-blown otaku. So long afterward, 30+ cons later, I’m here and blogging. This is also the first real con I’m doing since I switched to this new blog. Time for a tradition unlike any other: mapping out my entire weekend here on the blog.

For some of you, this is the first time seeing this, so let me explain. I’m simply going through what I hope to see and accomplish at the con. Most of the time I get to between 50%-75% of what I put up here on the blog, usually because panels overlap with each other. Nevertheless, there is one panel on this list that I 100% will be at. Try to guess it.


9:00 am – Hetalia: Facts vs. Laughs – But you said Hetalia was dead! Indeed I did, but there will be a Hetalia panel at this year’s Tekko. At a horrible time – chances are I won’t be out of the registration line by the time it starts – but it’s still there.

10:30 – Kill la Kill: Return to Honnouji Academy – The trick here is finding a way to get my sister to come with me to a Kill la Kill panel when she hasn’t (yet) seen it. I of course love Kill la Kill, but I have to find a way to entertain her as well.

12:30 pm – Hunter x Hunter – Shounen Done Right – If I’m cosplaying as Kurapika, I sort of have to go to this panel. I hope it’s a good one.

1:30 – Did You Know? Shinigami Love Apples – Death Note in Depth – My sister has indeed seen Death Note, so this one is an easier sell than the Kill la Kill panel.

4:00 – Opening Ceremonies – Friday afternoon is a rather lean time for my tastes. Might as well check out the opening ceremonies.

5:00 – Cheap and Easy Cosplay: How to Become Someone Else Without Losing Your Sanity – Perfect panel description for me. This is something I could need.

6:30 – Greggo’s Game Shows – Blockbusters – Unfortunately I can’t get in to half of Greggo’s panels, thanks to an inexplicable pay wall set by Tekko’s higher-ups. But this is one I’ll make sure to see.

8:00 – Senki Zesshou Symphogear – Armed Songstresses in Sci-Fi Battles – A friend of mine is running this panel, that’s why I plan on going to it.

9:30 – The Re:Zero Panel – A pretty generic and dull name for a panel. Who came up with that? I can’t wait to meet the person who runs this one so I can give him a piece of my mind.

(Yes, that’s my panel.)


10:30 am – Cherami Leigh Q&A – Who is my favorite voice actress? Cherami Leigh, of course! And why? Because she’s a Packers fan!

11:00 – Meet Jad Saxton – This is where the panels start to conflict with each other. I’ve got to choose one Q&A or the other.

12:00 pm – Anime Tourism – This sounds interesting, and there’s not much competition in this time slot.

2:00 – Cherami Leigh Autographs – Of course.

3:00 – Masquerade – A big question mark for me. I may be attending a photoshoot around this time of day.

5:00 – Greggo’s Game Shows: Press Your Luck – This one is not a question mark. Heck, I persuaded Greggo into doing this show here at Tekko!

8:00 – Castles of Japan – My sister and her husband find this one to sound interesting. I concur.

9:30 – Lucky Cat Anime Awards – The last “must see” panel on the day’s schedule, I look forward to seeing this one.

10:30 – Sometimes the Dub is Better – Not sure I’ll stay long enough for this one.

12:00 am – $10 Anime Pyramid – Sounds interesting, but possibly way too late at night.


9:00 am – Greggo’s Game Shows: “New” Pokemon Game Show – Very awkward timing for a game show panel, but I still plan on getting up early for this one.

11:00 – Anime Family Feud – Not run by Greggo, but still a game show, and as you know, I love game shows.

12:00 pm – One Week in Japan – Because I would like to eventually visit Japan myself, this does sound interesting to me.

1:00 – Rush home to watch the Masters.

That’s my Tekko plans! Look forward to seeing my review of the con sometime early next week! And expect delays for my Toonami reviews, since I’ll be behind in watching.

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