HxH 45: Phantom’s Revenge

HxH 45

Kurapika brings the captured Uvogin back with him, but the Phantom Troupe try to follow using a Nen strand. Soon the Shadow Beasts are on to the Phantom Troupe, so they have an off-screen fight where the Phantom Troupe completely wipes out the last of them. They now have the merchandise and everything.

But even more, they’ve come to free Uvogin from his bonds. All the while killing more people along the way. These guys better not be made out to be “not really that bad” later on like Wamuu and von Stroheim. Oh, wait, they are. (In the unspeakably bad Chimera Ant arc.)

In the meantime, Kurapika meets with Hisoka, who tells us very little, and it’s a wonder why Kurapika even chose to meet with him. But in any case, Kurapika got drawn away from the action with Uvogin, and now Uvogin is raging mad. It may not seem like it now, but there is something epic just around the corner.

Character of the episode: Kurapika

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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