Tokyo Ghoul 2: In coffee city, we borrowed heaven

Tokyo Ghoul 2

Tokyo Ghoul didn’t find a hook in episode 1. It was all about eating. The second episode, however, fixes that. Taneki meets a couple of ghouls who show him that coffee is perfectly fine for ghouls to drink. Why coffee? Part of me hopes that there is some sort of major plot twist that contains coffee. For example, Taneki ends up drinking coffee while being questioned by police over whether he’s a ghoul or not, and they assume that he’s not because he could drink coffee. That’s an idea that could make the coffee thing actually pretty cool.

Then Taneki runs into the same guy from the previous episode, who is a ghoul and wants to eat Taneki’s friend Hide. There’s still more gross-out specials in this one, which I found hard to stomach, but once this guy goes and gets ready to kill Hide, Taneki goes berserk and goes full-fledged ghoul on him and rescues Hide. He’s now going to get some help, but before he does, we now have a handle on what this show is about. It’s not about vomiting, it’s about Taneki’s struggle as a half-breed.

Of course, what overall storyline that involves still is a mystery. Is there going to be an all-out war between ghouls and humans? Or is this just “slice of life” of a ghoul’s life? The hope is that it’s the former, but my sinking feeling is that it’s the latter. After all, this series isn’t all that long, like a Parasyte that got 24 episodes to tell its story. At the moment, I remain in “wait and see” mode.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2

One thought on “Tokyo Ghoul 2: In coffee city, we borrowed heaven

  1. It would have been nice if this show had focused on Kaneki as a half-ghoul. It is by far the more interesting storyline. Hope you enjoy the rest of the season, though from a gross out point of view it is just getting started.


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