HxH 44: The Chain

HxH 44

The Shadow Beasts are here and gone in the blink of an eye. These four characters, who are supposedly the ultimate weapon of the Ten Dons, show up and offer little resistance before Uvogin kills them. One of them manages to put poison and leeches inside Uvogin’s body, but he’ll be fine as long as he drinks a whole lot of beer (seriously). Uvogin then destroys him and the other ones as well, and then he reveals that he is spider #11.

There are two ways you can look at his #11, both having to do with Bleach. The first is that he is a lot like Kenpachi Zaraki, and Kenpachi was Captain of Squad 11. The second is that the Arrancar were numbered from strongest to weakest. If you think that’s how the Phantom Troupe are numbered, you’ll be gravely mistaken, as not only do their numbers mean very little, but the Phantom Troupe are minimized after this arc, and only get short appearances the rest of the way. So basically, the #11 means nothing.

But the tattoo does mean something to Kurapika! He sees it, and then he loses it. His eyes glow red, his heart starts pounding, and he starts arguing with his other crew members to go fight Uvogin. In the middle of the argument, Melody pulls out a flute and plays it, in order to calm down everyone. But it’s completely useless, because Kurapika immediately decides again that he’s going to take Uvogin down, and this time no one argues with him.

Then Kurapika launches his attack, and he is able to capture Uvogin with his chain. However, he’s not going to kill him; no, instead he wants Uvogin as a hostage. Then a hilarious scene breaks out as Uvogin taunts Kurapika while he is driving, and Kurapika keeps on threatening Uvogin while taking his eyes off the road. The funny part of it is Melody panicking, as she continually calls for Kurapika to keep his eyes on the road. The Kurapika-Melody relationship is pure gold.

While the Shadow Beasts were a big disappointment, Uvogin’s ways of killing them were pretty cool, and Kurapika somehow managing to capture a guy of that strength is even cooler. Now we get to start to find out about Kurapika’s chains, and what they do. Kurapika even tells us that if he uses his chain on someone who’s not a spider, he instantly dies. Be careful, Kurapika!

Character of the episode: Kurapika

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2