Tokyo Ghoul 1: Beauty and the Bonehead

Tokyo Ghoul 1

Don’t watch this show if you are faint of heart. Don’t watch this show if you’re feeling hungry. And don’t watch this show if you’re expecting something good. Tokyo Ghoul’s first episode did a great job of grossing out this viewer, but it didn’t hook me into wanting to see more.

My old blog with my reviews of Parasyte no longer exists, so I can’t expect any of you to remember what I thought of it. So I’ll explain it here: the first episode of Parasyte grossed me out beyond belief. Hindsight being 20/20 (as I love to say), Parasyte can’t hold a candle to the disgusting, nauseating animation and storyline of this episode. In fact, I’d love to rewatch Parasyte just for the sake of comparison (and to watch “that guy” get gunned down again).

The main character goes out with a girl who is a dead ringer for Sheele from Akame ga Kill. Remember Akame ga Kill? Great show. I miss it dearly. “Sheele” goes out with the main character, only to turn on him and eat half his body. (It takes zero talent to predict this “plot twist.” In fact, it would have been more shocking had they just kissed and said good night.) Then the main character gets organ transplants from “Sheele” in order to stay alive.

What happens next is beyond gross. I was ready to eat right as I watched this episode, and I almost came up vomiting. To describe it in the least gross way possible, the main character vomits any time he tries to eat real food, and he has a craving for humans – as in, eating them. The latter doesn’t bother me as much as the former did. I did not need to see the main character vomiting into a toilet.

I’ll save the rhetorical nonsense for another post. For now, let’s just say that watching this episode was enough to make me feel nauseous for a whole day, and I still feel so now. I’m not sure what this episode accomplished otherwise. To me, it didn’t have a coherent plot, there was no hook for me to want to come back next week. Who is the bad guy? What is the main character’s goal? Is the main character the ultimate villain? Is he actually a good guy? All of these questions were left unanswered, and because of that, I can’t give this leadoff episode a good score.

Episode rating (out of four stars): *½