Jojo 22: Ben-Hur

Jojo 22

Jojo and Wamuu decide the only way to settle their score is in a chariot race with weapons. The ensuing battle becomes a mix of three things: Bleach “WHAT”-esque reactions by characters when they realize they’ve been had (ranging from Jojo to Wamuu to Kars to Lisa Lisa to the vampires in the stadium), Dragon Ball-esque battle commentary from literally anyone and everyone, and the third ingredient being some actually cool fighting.

Basically, Jojo and Wamuu have a race to the hammer. At the end of the hammer portion of the battle, it looks as if Jojo is dead, and Kars pours a glass of wine. Then out of nowhere Jojo is back and at ’em, which would be pretty awesome if it hadn’t happened about 10 times in 15 episodes already. Then Wamuu and Jojo take turns shooting Hamon-charged balls out of crossbows, banking them off the sides of the arena in order to hit their target. Wamuu is literally coming apart at the seams, yet the battle still feels like it’s in his favor – which is a positive for the series.

The chariot idea was actually very clever. There are a lot of things about Jojo I don’t like – first and foremost the characters all being super-muscular like they’re on steroids – but this was actually a cool idea that mixed things up a bit. As noted above, I really like that no matter how much Jojo beats up on Wamuu, it still feels like Wamuu is winning, and that actually causes me to care more. At this point, who even needs a Lisa Lisa-Kars battle?

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***