Toonami Roundup: 3/18/17


This week, in Toonami…

Dragon Ball Super episode 11: The Goku and Beerus fight rages on. As my colleague Michael points out precisely: it’s all padding. Could this battle be any slower? This is exactly what people warned me about Dragon Ball: you have a character’s scream that lasts 5 episodes. So far, this scream has lasted 2. Will it make it to five? Rating: *1/2

Dragon Ball Z Kai episode 109: This episode was literally nothing more than players picking ping-pong balls out of a box. I’m not joking, that was it. If you want to know how to do this right, you’ve got to watch the NCAA Basketball Tournament Selection Show. You build up suspense, seed the characters in a reasonable manner, and leave the final spot for last, so everyone’s on the edge of their seats waiting for that last pick. Instead, we get an incredibly boring episode here. Rating: *

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 21: This was a good one, for the most part. I’m not a big fan of “let’s all separate and battle one-on-one” but I thought it was pretty funny how Jojo and Lisa Lisa discuss her origins while Waamu and Kars just stand there and watch. I forget what I gave this episode in my review, but I think it was 2 1/2 stars. Rating: **1/2

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 11: Thankfully Toonami’s pushing this show to the “no one watches” hour along with filler Shippuden. Rating: *

Hunter x Hunter episode 43: Don’t watch if you’re squeamish! The Phantom Troupe attacks, and it’s a bloody scene. Uvogin goes off on the Mafia, and not even bazookas can bring him down. Now come the Shadow Beasts – surely they’ll take Uvogin down, right? Rating: ***1/2

Naruto Shippuden episode 150: Is this really a milestone episode? If so, it wasn’t a good one. Too many Bleach “What”s. Rating: *1/2

One Piece episode 384: The swan song for One Piece on Toonami! Brook has a hard time getting along with his new crewmates, but eventually he’s able to win them over. Goodbyes are hard, and One Piece will surely be missed. Hopefully this isn’t the last time I write a review for it on this blog. Rating: ***

Best show of the week: Hunter x Hunter

Most surprisingly good show of the week: One Piece

Most disappointing show of the week: Dragon Ball Z Kai