HxH 43: Herbert Hoover, the vacuum guy

HxH 43

The Phantom Troupe is on the scene, and they’re really, really powerful. First, they send Feitan and Franklin in, and Franklin promptly pulls out machine guns out of his own arms and kills hundreds of Mafia members at once. (I guess we’re not supposed to feel bad for them, since they’re Mafia members; but man, that is a lot of blood.) Shizuku then goes and kills three members of Kurapika’s team, including Baise, who had so much potential. She then promptly goes ahead and vacuums up all the blood and bodies. This episode is not one for the squeamish.

Then no one notices a hot air balloon leaving the area carrying most of the Phantom Troupe. Once they finally do notice, they’ve made their way out to the Grand Canyon, or someplace similar. Along the way, they have a discussion on who the “Judas” is of their group who betrayed them by tipping off the Mafia to protect their goods. After a discussion about Judas and whether he was a traitor or not. I don’t think it takes much theology to prove that Judas was a traitor, but there’s no reason for any of the Phantom Troupe to betray each other since that’s all they’ve got.

Then comes  another member of the Phantom Troupe РUvogin Рto show off how ridiculously overpowered he is. He can bite the bullet without getting hurt; he can survive a sniper rifle shot; he can even live through a bazooka shot. So the Ten Dons of the Mafia decide to send in the Shadow Beasts to fight the Phantom Troupe, whom Kurapika has not recognized yet. Spoiler alert Рthe Shadow Beasts are a big, big disappointment.

Character of the episode: Shizuku

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2