Jojo 21: Nifty Fifty

Jojo 21

Since every battle in anime must be a one-on-one battle, Lisa Lisa negotiates with Kars and Waamu to make it so that she can take on Kars while Jojo takes on Waamu. This sort of thing happens way too often in Hunter x Hunter, particularly after Hunter x Hunter jumps the shark in the Greed Island arc.

But then Jojo goes off and looks in Lisa Lisa’s stuff as he finds the red stone of Aja. (This reminds me of Survivor contestants finding the hidden immunity idol.) He finds a picture of Straizo holding a baby along with Erina and Speedwagon. Whose baby is that? Also, what’s your angle? I’ll buy that.

Then before the battle with Kars and Waamu, Jojo and Lisa Lisa decide to talk about her origins rather than begin the battle. Here’s the funny part: Kars and Waamu don’t interrupt, they just let them talk. So here they are, about to have a battle for the red stone of Aja, and they’re talking about Lisa Lisa’s actual age (50) and whether she has wrinkles. You can’t make this stuff up.

In fact, the battle never even gets on in this episode because they spent too much time talking about Lisa Lisa’s origins. Despite this, I’m still going to give the episode a positive score because I don’t care for the one-on-one battles anyway.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2