Toonami Roundup: 3/4/17


This week, in Toonami:

Dragon Ball Super episode 9: The Saiyans all stand in a circle and hold hands. Seriously. If you’ve ever wondered why I’m not a Dragon Ball fan, this episode proves why. The Shenron moment was pretty funny, except that I thought Shenron was above such behavior. Maybe next episode we get something real to occur. Rating: *1/2

Dragon Ball Z Kai episode 1o7: Goten and Trunks wipe the floor with all their opponents, while being cheered on by Chi Chi and Bulma. Krillin continues to state the blatantly obvious as if the audience (us) is completely clueless. Rating: *1/2

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 19: Jojo fights off Kars to get the red stone of Aja in the “heat of the moment.” But now Caesar disagrees with Jojo on how to go after Kars and Waamu. By the way, poison rings, anyone? I went ahead and ordered something for the table. Rating: **

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 9: Still can’t figure out heads or tails from this series. Probably never will. Good thing there’s only… oh wait, we aren’t even halfway through? You’ve got to be beeping me. Rating: *

Hunter x Hunter episode 41: Gon and Killua waste their time trying to save up their money for a copy of Greed Island. Trust me, boys, you won’t need it. Also, Kurapika is part of a group of bodyguards who must protect little Neon. If Neon tells your fortune, it must happen, right? Too bad she can’t tell her own fortune. Here, I’ll tell you Hunter x Hunter‘s fortune: looking sunny and bright for the next 17 episodes or so. Then a bit hazy through the Greed Island arc, and then absolutely bleak once the Chimera Ant arc begins. Rating: ***

Naruto Shippuden episode 148: One thing about filler is that it makes sense to focus on the minor characters more, rather than just filling it up with Naruto having to be the hero. Unfortunately, this is all Naruto hogging all the screen time while the minor characters get completely ignored. Rating: *

One Piece episode 382: It’s time for the Straw Hats to relax! But just in time for their relaxing time, they get paid a visit by an old foe, who goes and ruins their time. A funny episode, if a bit bizarre. Rating: **1/2

Ghost in the Shell episode 5: I honestly thought Ghost in the Shell would be one of my favorite shows before it aired. Now I see that it’s as politically convoluted as Gundam, and only slightly more entertaining. Rating: *1/2

Best show of the week: Hunter x Hunter

Most surprisingly good show of the week: One Piece

Most disappointing show of the week: Ghost in the Shell

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