HxH 41: Neon’s signs

HxH 41

Feel free to ignore everything Gon and Killua think, do, or say during the next several episodes as they plan on buying a copy of Greed Island at the auction. A lame twist makes all of this absolutely meaningless. Supposedly they’re trying to save up money so that they can purchase the game at the auction, but ultimately it means nothing. Hunter x Hunter “jumps the shark” once this arc ends, never to return. Trust me, I’ve seen 100 episodes.

But this arc is still good! And it gets more interesting as Kurapika’s boss is revealed to be a little girl named Neon. Neon can tell fortunes with her special pen, but she can’t tell her own fortune. And she is very valuable to her father, who uses her as a tool to tell fortunes of his pals and make money off them. Neon wants several items as gifts at the auction, including… a pair of Kurta eyes.

This episode was all setup for what’s going to occur. The exciting stuff is yet to come, but it was a good episode nonetheless.

Character of the episode: Neon

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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