2017 Anime Bracket – Selection Sunday


Welcome to Selection Sunday for the 2017 Anime Bracket! You can WIN BIG (as I love to say) this year with a $15 Amazon gift card if you end up the winner, and all it takes is 63 clicks on a bracket. Read on to find out more information, or start filling out your bracket here!

This is the 9th annual Anime Bracket, the last 8 hosted on the defunct Anime Bowl blog. Basically, I pick out 68 of my favorite characters from all across the anime world, with one character for every anime I’ve seen at least 6 episodes from. Then I pit them against each other in competition. Who wins? Whoever I feel like it at that particular moment! Yes, this bracket is completely subject to my whims.

This link here gives you the past history of the last 8 Anime Brackets. You can see the past winners and even the entire brackets by clicking on the years. You can also see how characters have done in the past. The 6 characters who have won it all are Asuka Langley Soryu (twice), Rei Ayanami, Ryoko Hakubi, Homura Akemi (twice), Haruhi Suzumiya, and Satsuki Kiryuin.

All the winners have been girls, so in order to change that, I’ve made a big change this year. One of the four “regions” of the tournament will be made up completely of male characters. That means that one male character will reach the Final Four no matter what. It levels the playing field a bit.

Also, another “region” will be made up completely of “main” characters. By “main” characters I mean characters who could reasonably be considered to be one of the three most important characters in their show. I take a few liberties with this description, but for the most part, that’s who will be in that region.

Without further ado, here is the 2017 Anime Bracket!


Hopefully that blows up bigger if you click on it. If not, then click here to see the bracket. I will now go region by region into the characters who have made the tournament.

EVA Region


The EVA Region includes the most successful character by sheer number of wins, #1 Rei Ayanami. Rei has won 35 matches over the years, and never come up short of the regional finals. She has won one championship (2011) and has reached the last 6 Final Fours. She holds the records for most wins, most championship game appearances, most Final Four appearances, and most Elite Eight appearances. She is undoubtedly the powerhouse of the tournament, and the #1 overall seed.

Joining her in this region are #2 Soi Fon, who has reached 6 consecutive Elite Eights yet never made it past that round. There’s #3 May Chang, who has a Final Four appearance in her pocket, as do #4 Loly Aivirrne and #5 Ryoko Asakura. Joining the bracket for the first time ever are #12 Ryoko Naruse, #13 Rem & #15 Hiyori Moritani. Also, the two #16 seeds who will go at it in a play-in game on Tuesday are the lowest-seeded characters in the field, so #16 Mamimi Samejima holds the distinction of being the 68th and lowest-seeded character of all.



The HARUHI Region includes 2015 champion #1 Haruhi Suzumiya, the second overall seed in the field. Consistently successful #2 Sango is in the region, along with 2012 champion #3 Ryoko Hakubi. Two-time Final Four finisher #4 Yoruichi Shihouin joins the gang, and there’s also #5 Hinata Hyuga, who finished as runner-up way back in 2009.

In the field for the first time ever are #11 Karin Ishida, #12 Priscilla Barielle, #13 Mio Akiyama, and #16 Chi Chi. #14 Roy Mustang is in as the automatic qualifier from Fullmetal Alchemist, which for the purposes of this tournament is considered separate from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

MAIN Region


This region full of main characters and the like includes two-time champion #1 Asuka Langley Soryu as well as the other two-time champion, #2 Homura Akemi. Defending champion #3 Satsuki Kiryuin as well as two-time finalist #4 Ryuko Matoi are also in this region, making it an utterly loaded region.

First-time qualifiers include #5 Kuniko Hojo, #12 Duck, #13 Jonathan Joestar, and #16 Mira Yurizaki, who goes at it in a play-in match against #16 Hatchin on Tuesday. #14 Yukino Miyazawa holds the record for most consecutive first-round losses with 7.

BOYS Region


An ambitious group, it’s our BOYS Region where one male character will reach the Final Four for the first time ever! As such, the seedings are all out of whack. #1 Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter has never seen tournament play, yet he’s seeded #1 this year. This region could be wide open, or it could be completely chalk. You just never know.

First-time participants in this region include #1 Kurapika, #8 Tony Tony Chopper, #11 Leorio, #13 Saitama (who almost got forgotten by accident), #14 Biscuit Griffon, #15 Mugen, and #16 Banagher. Obviously this region is totally unpredictable.

Now, where does the WIN BIG come in? Simple. Follow this link to the bracket site, make your account, select 63 winners (the play-in #16 games do not count), and watch this space for the results! I do not look at the predictions until the champion has been decided, so there’s no bias coming from me.

The 9th annual Anime Bracket is just a short time away, so you won’t want to miss it! The play-in games start it off on Tuesday, March 14!