HxH 40: Finally, a female!


Our first major female character has arrived to Hunter x Hunter! And yes, it’s the character in the pic above, Melody. How do I know this? Well, I’m currently on ep 70. I’ve gone ahead and watched the whole Yorknew City arc as well as much of the Greed Island arc. I can tell you right now, the Yorknew City arc is the best arc of an anime since perhaps the Soul Society arc in Bleach. (And the Greed Island arc… well, let’s just say that even the Bount arc was better…)

But enough on the future! Currently we have a group of applicants trying to survive the mansion that they went to apply. Kurapika, who has grown a ton since the last time we saw him, has a chain on his right hand (all five fingers), and the first ability we see him use is the Chain Dowser, which can block bullets from guns, as well as tell whether certain people are telling the truth or not. He figures out who is controlling the bots that infiltrate the mansion, then he figures out that Squala (who is known lovingly as “the black guy” due to the lack of other races in this series) is lying and actually part of the gig being played on them.

We discover the secret abilities of the other applicants. There’s Basho, who can write haikus and make them come to life. There’s Baise, who can kiss men and make them her slaves. (Kiss me, Baise!) And there’s Melody, who can… read heartbeats. Sounds pretty useless to me. (*hint* *hint*) Oh, and there’s Squala, who controls the dogs. *sighs* Squala, oh, Squala.

And meanwhile we’ve got Killua’s brother sending a message to Killua about Greed Island. It’s the URL for the game. Yeah, that’s just about it. Somehow I find Kurapika’s mission a whole lot more fascinating than Killua and Gon’s. But maybe I’m biased. (Or maybe I’ve seen the arc already…)

Fasten your seat belts, everyone. This arc is one heck of a ride. It gets really, really good from here. Don’t miss a second of it. Through ep 58, you will be on one roller coaster of an adventure.

Character of the ep: Kurapika
This feature may have to be retired, because Kurapika is *the* character of this arc, and should win this for the next 18 eps straight.

Ep rating (out of four stars): ***

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