Toonami Roundup: 2/18/17


This week in Toonami:

Dragon Ball Super ep 7: Beerus goes off on the gang, his anger uncontrollable. But it isn’t until Bulma is attacked by him that Vegeta gets angry. Now that Fajita’s in Hulk mode, he’s either a) going to get revenge on Beerus or b) wait for Kakarot to show up and save him. I’m guessing b). Rating: **

Dragon Ball Z Kai ep 105: What a waste of time this ep was. The only thing of note was that Krillin has grown hair on his Chia Pet bald head, and that he and Android 18 are now a couple. Time for Mr. Satan to win another championship! Rating: *

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure ep 17: Jojo defeats AC/DC, er, I mean, Esidisi. This ep makes a whole lot more sense in retrospect now that I watched ep 15. However, it still doesn’t excuse the boredom of this particular ep. That ep – #15 – was actually a good one. These past two have not been. Rating: *

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ep 7: “And it’s every time you hurt yourself with knives…” Maybe hurting yourself with knives would be a more pleasant experience than trying to figure out Gundam. Rating: *

Hunter x Hunter ep 39: Guys, you’ve got to watch Hunter x Hunter! This is seriously a really good show! This particular ep may not have been the most exciting, but it’s a buildup to what’s going to turn into a fantastic arc. Trust me on this one! Rating: ***

Naruto Shippuden ep 146: There were about six big “WHAT”s in this ep, at least two of which were by Naruto himself. Naruto also blurted out “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” The plotline was bland as ever, so I spent the whole ep laughing at the unintentional humor. Rating: *

One Piece ep 380: Yohohoho, yohohoho! “Binks’ Brew” is the song of choice, though I can’t figure out whether it should be spelled “Bink’s Brew,” “Binks’ Brew,” or even “Binks’s Brew.” In any case, it’s the final song played on Brook’s ship as he and his crew dies. This ep was so touching and moving that it may have earned One Piece’s first-ever four-star rating from me, if not for the fact that there was no explanation as to why Brook had a Devil Fruit in him or what a Devil Fruit even is. Is it my fault for not having watched all 380 eps? Rating: ***1/2

Ghost in the Shell ep 3: It seems to me that we’re actually watching the second season of Ghost in the Shell. I got caught up on ep 2, and it just doesn’t seem like we should be as familiar with the characters as we are. I encourage you to join in watching this, for completion’s sake. In any case, the plot – Kusunagi playing the role of a cat burglar to sniff out a real criminal – is entertaining enough to keep me watching… for now. Rating: **1/2

Best show of the week: One Piece

Most surprisingly good show of the week: Ghost in the Shell

Most disappointing show of the week: Naruto: Shippuden

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