Jojo 17: We are not amused


I don’t mean to be such a spoilsport, but the charm of Jojo has completely worn off with me. This ep (remember, I don’t use the “e” word for fear of what happened to Anime Bowl) seemed to prove my suspicions: that Jojo has devolved into Bleach. And not good Bleach, either; I’m talking about Bleach around the time of the Fake Karakura Town arc. While there were some good moments there, most of it just boiled down to, “here’s the good guy, here’s the bad guy, they must fight.” And that’s all this is.

I missed an ep, which means that I’m in the dark on the poison rings thing. However, this ep didn’t really do much toward that goal either. Yes, at the end, Jojo takes an antidote that removes one poison ring. But it’s a rather boring plot; Jojo must defeat this guy, and then the next guy, and then the next guy, and so on. The side battle was seemingly meaningless, since Caesar isn’t good enough to defeat him, so we have to wait for Jojo to finish his battle to beat the other guy.

Also, in another very Bleach-esque fashion, the fight is quite boring because each character keeps on pulling out a one-up on the other. Esidisi one-ups Jojo, who then one-ups Esidisi, and so on. Then we get a bunch of “what”s (or similar) as each character feigns surprise over what the other is doing to them. And that’s all the ep is, it’s the same thing over and over again. Aside from the joke “this is what you’ll say next,” there was nothing entertaining about it. I actually found Gundam Unicorn to be more entertaining this week than Jojo, which should say something.

Like PC, however, I’m not giving up on Vista, or Jojo, that is. Instead of downgrading to XP, I’m going to stick it out with Jojo for the time being. This could end very badly; I could end up with such a caustic attitude over Jojo that it becomes the new Force Awakens. Or, perhaps, Jojo will turn it around and give me a reason to continue to watch. I’m hoping for the latter.

Rating (out of four stars): *

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