HxH 38: JoyStation 4


Gon’s father Ging is one of the worst fathers ever. That doesn’t get Gon off the hook for his stupidity, but Ging not only leaves his son and family behind, but he also then uses Nen in order to erase any hint of his existence. Gon, for his part, acts stupidly when given a chance to find out about his real mother. He chooses to give up on the chance to find out about her, which is unthinkable amongst normal human beings. And within seconds, the tape recorder erases itself magically (Nen can do anything!), and that’s that for Gon’s chances of ever finding out about his mother.

Where this ep gets interesting is when the two decide to try out the second thing that Ging left for Gon – a JoyStation memory card. It only works for a video game called “Greed Island.” Here’s the catch: finding “Greed Island” is nearly as hard as finding a NES Classic. Actually, it’s probably harder. And the only way to find this game involves Killua talking to his brother and convincing him to help him out in finding it.

In the end, conveniently, the only place to go is Yorknew City. That means that we are almost guaranteed to see Kurapika and Leorio again! I love how these coincidences work out like this. Now all our friends should be reunited again. Let’s hope that the quest for a JoyStation video game is more exciting than learning Nen.

Character of the episode: Killua

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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