Jojo 16: Losing its charm


A woman – that’s right, a woman! – by the name of Lisa Lisa forces Jojo to put on a breathing apparatus, then throws him at the bottom of a column which he must manage to climb up in a certain period of time, or he dies. Why? Because this is all training in order to do something about the poison rings. What poison rings? Well, apparently last ep, poison rings were made the new plot point. I didn’t get to see the ep thanks to Adult Swim’s failure. So I have no clue what these poison rings are, but in any case, Jojo and Caesar have to climb the column in order to train.

If all this sounds stupid to you, I hope so. Because this ep was easily the worst Jojo ep up to this point. It was about as lousy as anything I’ve seen on the Toonami block in a long time. Even Gundam Unicorn hasn’t been this pitiful. The super-obvious plot points feel like the writers just cut and paste from other stories and threw them into their own. Jojo has completely lost its charm, and now I consider it to be just as bad as Gundam.

Fortunately, there is still time to rescue Jojo from complete and utter failure, but right now it’s looking quite grim. Maybe we get something better soon, but it better come soon before the whole Toonami block goes down like the Hindenburg. Oh, the humanity.

Overall rating (out of four stars): *

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