HxH 36: Bad call


Gon has finally landed a hit on Hisoka, which means he gets to return the badge to him. But this ep is overshadowed by Hisoka’s completely obvious and disgusting lust for Gon. If you thought Gon and Killua are in love, they’ve got nothing on the lustful crush Hisoka has on Gon. I’m sure we’ll probably find out some time in the future that Hisoka, like Leorio, is only a teenager, so that those noises he made were not anything bad, but I’m not buying it. Hisoka is a creep!

Oh, and he’s a good battler, too. He completely destroys Gon in the match, though the fans are whining about the referee’s calls. As it turns out, the referee was trying to protect Gon from getting himself killed, so he purposely awarded points to Hisoka to expedite the match. And thus Gon loses by a whopping 11-2.

Finally, Gon and Killua decide to leave Heavens Arena and go to Whale Island, where Gon’s family is from. Zushi keeps up with the ridiculous-sounding “Osu!” which is so out of place, and he also promises two impossible things: one, that he will surpass the two of them, and two, that he will actually see them again. Will Zushi ever be seen again? I hope so, but let’s not put too much money on it.

Can’t wait for the next arc. I heard it involves my crush Kurapika.

Character of the episode: Hisoka

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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