Jojo 14: Then fall, Caesar


The charm of Jojo is wearing off on me. The obsession with Hamon – much like Hunter x Hunter‘s obsession with Nen – has gotten me bored. When Joseph Joestar meets up with Caesar Zeppeli, the two hate each other. But unfortunately what could have been fun between two rivals turns into a Hamon contest. What is Hamon, you may ask? Simply put, it’s whatever the characters want it to be (or, if you’re more cynical, whatever the writers want it to be). Jojo and Caesar show off their Hamon abilities to each other, while Speedwagon looks on with annoyance.

This episode includes some rather disgusting moments near the end. If you’re feeling a bit squeamish, don’t watch. It also includes Jojo and Caesar finally getting along with each other, as they get ready to face off against more pillar men. What we’ve learned so far is that Hamon can be used nearly any way imaginable, so I find no reason to fear that they lose this battle.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

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