Jojo 13: Michelle Branch


If this villain’s real name is “Santana,” then Michelle Branch should be nearby. But even if she isn’t, and we’re calling him “Sanviento” instead, you’d better watch out, because this pillar man is almost indestructible.

This ep. seemed a bit lackluster at first while our new Jojo was sizing up Sanviento. But once things got dire, it became cool. The only way to defeat the enemy was with daylight, which incidentally was the very thing the Straw Hats wanted to avoid. In the process, von Stroheim tells Jojo to cut off his leg so that he can get out of Sanviento’s grip and reach the door. Then hilarity breaks out as Sanviento overtakes Stroheim from the inside out. A fitting end to Stroheim, but the pillar man is still going at it.

Sometimes you just gotta let the show go a little bit, and it’ll turn from boring to thrilling in a very short amount of time. That’s what happened here.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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