HxH 35: Transmutation circle


Transmuter, Enhancer, Manipulator. Those are three of the six possible types of Nen users you can be. Killua is a transmuter, and it all makes sense now – he’s the next Ed Elric. You know how much I hated Ed Elric, right? If you don’t, just go back and look at the blog – oh, wait. Well, in any case, I’m not a big Killua fan, but he’s a transmuter and can thus change the flavor of water by using his Nen.

Gon is an Enhancer. That means he can make water overflow with the use of his Nen, essentially creating something from nothing. Zushi’s a Manipulator; that means he can do the incredibly exciting task of making a leaf wiggle a bit on top of a cup of water. Zushi then ends up getting told by Mr. Wing that he failed while Gon and Killua passed the second Hunter exam (although Killua never passed the first one), so Zushi is training, training, training and not getting anywhere.

Have you figured out why the characters are speaking in Japanese? They shout “Osu!” which is hard enough to spell but even harder to understand. Why aren’t they using all the honorifics and stuff? Why just one word of Japanese? It reminds me of how in K-On!, the one character Yui uses the honorifics, which for the best of my knowledge is the only series I’ve ever heard them used in an English dub.

Oh, and Gon fights Hisoka. If you were expecting this to be the final battle of the series, you might be disappointed because Gon looks like he’s going to beat Hisoka right here and now. Not only does that end any chance of Hisoka being the Naraku or Sasuke, but it also means that we won’t have a main villain to chase for the next 100 episodes. I like having someone I can hate!

Character of the episode: Gon

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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