Toonami Roundup: 1/21/17


A look into the world of Toonami of this past weekend:

Dragon Ball Super ep. 3: I’ve been calling this one guy “Marduk,” but in truth Marduk doesn’t look anything like the character. This guy – a cat or wolf-like creature – is trying to get a Super Saiyan god, and he’s relying on his pet fish to tell him who it is. In the rest of the world, Bulma is having a birthday party and the whole gang’s there, while Goku trains with King Kai and Vegeta is bulking up. Rating: **

Dragon Ball Z Kai ep. 101: Seriously, this is terrible having two Dragon Balls back-to-back like this. I can’t keep track of what the heck is going on over there because the two blend into each other so much. This episode was a lot of fun, actually, with Videl and Super Saiyaman (Gohan) taking turns defeating bad guys committing crimes. Videl wants so badly to find out Super Saiyaman’s identity, but she can’t do it. Rating: ***

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure ep. 13: I want so badly to find a problem with Jojo, but I just can’t find a weakness. Every time the show seems like it’s going to bore me, it always hooks me back in. The same is true with Sanviento. As it appears that the English dub is changing the names of characters and abilities (Hamon/Ripple), it’s hard to find information about Sanviento with a quick Google search. Sanviento destroying von Stroheim from the inside out was a true winner. Rating: ***

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ep. 3: Yikes. The problem with Gundam is that it lulls me into a sense of security, or in this case, a distraction. I start getting distracted, and then I look up for a moment, and boom! Banagher got in the beeping robot. So now Banagher is fighting to stop a war, and there’s a woman in a different Gundam trying to stop him. This episode further proves why I’m not a mecha guy. Rating: *½

Hunter x Hunter ep. 35: Nen returns from a one-episode absence. Mr. Wing has the three students of his train so they can find out what type of Nen user they are. Killua is a Transmuter; Gon is an Enhancer; Zushi is a Manipulator. This was actually pretty cool; this is what Nen should be. It’s now more than just chakra; it’s got different ways of being used and different abilities for each person. I enjoyed learning the different ways of Nen. And then Gon fights Hisoka, and as the clock runs out on this episode he’s in a good position. Rating: ***

Naruto Shippuden ep. 142: Finally! We are out from the tyranny of Tobi! Sasuke and the Taka join forces with Tobi and the Akatsuki. What makes this deal totally worth it for Sasuke is that now they get to wear the Akatsuki robes. Karin really looks good in her robe. But even better is that they get to go after the eight-tails and the nine-tails. Tobi has to let us know that the nine-tails is Naruto, like it’s a gigantic revelation. So it’s Akatsuki after Naruto and Sasuke after the eight-tails, who’s a pretty interesting guy. This was a huge improvement off the last two weeks. Rating: ***

One Piece ep. 376: The warlord who is only one of seven decides to attack Zoro, who is trying to face him one on one. Franky tries to help. Usopp provides battle commentary. What happens? Simple. The warlord beats them badly, then asks them to give him their captain (whose name I forgot for a minute, it’s Luffy!). One by one they stand up and say “I am Fenwick,” or at least they refuse to give up Luffy. So the warlord sets off an a-bomb and destroys everything in sight. Rating: **

Best show of the week: Hunter x Hunter

Most surprisingly good show of the week: Naruto Shippuden

Most disappointing show of the week: One Piece

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