Toonami Roundup: 1/14/17


This week in Toonami:

Dragon Ball Super ep. 2: Vegeta, Bulma & Trunks go on a vacation together. Vegeta gets too worked up about halfway through, and has to quit to go back to training so he can beat “Kakarot.” Meanwhile, Kakarot is busy training with King Kai. Oh, and two bad guys are planning on creating a “Super Saiyan god.” The one bad guy looks like the false god Marduk, famous for inspiring Evangelion’s Marduk Institute. Rating: *½

Dragon Ball Z Kai ep. 100: Gohan creates a new alter-ego – Saiyaman – in order to keep his crime-fighting skills on the down-low. Bulma creates a Power Ranger-esque suit for him to wear, and then off to work he goes. Videl, Mr. Satan’s daughter, tries to save a bus from a few criminals, but off the cliff they go, until Saiyaman is there to save them. One-Punch Man has nothing on Saiyaman. Rating: ***

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure ep. 12: Joseph Joestar fights off a German in the desert by using a cactus for his Hamon. The Germans awaken the Pillar Man only to have exactly what Speedwagon predicted happen. The Pillar Man goes wild, destroying everything and everyone in sight. Von Stroheim has awakened a sleeping giant. Rating: ***

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Re:0096 ep. 2: Is anyone else disturbed by the opening theme, that sings “every time you hurt yourself with knives”? Actually, I find that opening theme catchy, but those are bizarre lyrics. And I’m more disturbed by the filibusters that these characters are providing us with. This girl who calls herself Audrey is obviously akin to Kudelia, in that she alone can prevent a war. Good luck with all that. Rating: ½

Hunter x Hunter ep. 34: Gon can punch through steel, and Killua can withstand a million volts of electricity. Other than that, these guys still have a lot of training to do. The Snifit is defeated, but Hisoka awaits Gon’s challenge. Rating: **½

Naruto Shippuden ep. 141: Madara Uchiha aka Tobi continues his monologue to Sasuke Uchiha. As boring as it was in the last episode, it becomes a bit more interesting here as Sasuke finds out that his brother Itachi was a good guy all along and only wanted to protect his brother. Or sort of. This goes to prove my point that every single bad guy in every single anime ever gets redemption. Rating: **

One Piece ep. 375: The Straw Hat crew has been wiped out, and their bodies are burning. But only a little bit of patience was necessary. Once they’ve waited a little while, they get their shadows back, and are all back to normal. Only Luffy is still knocked out, while everyone else returns to their usual selves. Lola thanks the Straw Hats for all their work, but then suddenly Nami remembers that she forgot about something: one of the seven warlords is still lurking. The battle isn’t over yet. And, I would surmise, it isn’t over once they beat him, since there are six more to go. Rating: **½

Best show of the week: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Most disappointing show of the week: Hunter x Hunter
Most surprisingly good show of the week: Dragon Ball Z Kai

Stay tuned for a Toonami recap every week, as well as our new and improved podcast, which should be coming your way next week!

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